Did You Know That Studies Show A Bad Hire Can Cost Up To 130% Of The Pay Offered!


With so much riding on every new employee, you may be tempted to rush the hiring process, but haste makes waste when it comes to staff

Can you afford to lose 16 weeks on a bad hire – at a time when most businesses are only starting to recover from the pandemic?

Research shows it takes companies an average of 10 weeks to realize their new recruit isn’t perfect for the role, and another six weeks to find a replacement.

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It’s never easy to tell someone they aren’t right for the job. But it is necessary. It’s much better to let go of a bad candidate early on than to waste time and money training them only to have them leave in the end.

The sooner you can develop an effective hiring strategy, the sooner you will save your company from unnecessary risk and loss.

Unfortunately, many companies are still playing catch-up when it comes to hiring practices.

Only 29% of senior managers surveyed say their organizations have a standardized recruiting process in place.

Of those who do have a system in place, 36% say it is still too inconsistent to be effective.