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Use these calculators to plug in the numbers for your own business. See how a few key strategies can quickly double or triple your customers, profitability and cashflow. More importantly they show the three biggest areas overlooked by clients, not understanding customer lifetime value, hiring mistakes and utilizing customer referrals.

Calculate The Lifetime Value Of A Customer

Learn How Much Money You Could Be Leaving On The Table By Not Knowing The Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Calculate the cost of a Making A bad hire Decision

Studies have shown the cost of a bad gire can be up to 130% of the salary of the position filled

Get Massive Leverage Over Your Profitability

Calculate The Multiplied Effect on Increasing Your Profitability With a Combination of These Two Strategies

How We Can Help Your Business … Here are the biggest problems We are hearing about from CEO’s

You need more Customers, more revenue?

We delve deep into researching your market and competitors before implementing marketing strategies that will generate a consistent stream of qualified leads for your business, day in, and day out.

With our targeted content strategies, we use scripted video and social media content to get people paying attention to your business.

We deploying the latest tech solutions and machine learning tools to streamline and automate your marketing systems.

Do you Find Technology Overwhelming?

Technology choices today are bewildering and can be expensive. 

Let us guide you through process of analysis, solution selection, budgeting, implementation and support. We guarantee you the best ROI on tech spend you will ever get.

We have over 30 years of software development and technology integration experience.

If you have an existing technology project that gone off the rails, we can help. We work with your current assets and people to get you back on track.

Always Short On Time Can your productivity be improved?

Owning a business means working as hard as you can to create something successful, so that you can be free to enjoy your life. But after all the blood, sweat, and tears of building your business, is it possible to let go?

At Reboot Business Strategies we understand that the very thing you create should not be the reason you’re chained to it for life.

Letting go isn’t about giving up or letting things slide. It’s about a systemized approach that helps your business run smoothly in your absence.

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